Noa Real Estate

Find the best investment, together with NOA

Are you looking for a real estate investment? Count on our teams for advice on buying, letting, or management.

Our services are based on a long-term strategy. We make sure your investment delivers and will continue to deliver attractive returns. At each step, we closely monitor the value and the return of your portfolio. Your portfolio will be analysed at regular intervals and we will advise you on potential purchases and sales. In short, we support you throughout the entire lifecycle of your property.

What else can you expect from us?
  • An extensive range of investment properties and rental apartments. We also do a search outside of the NOA portfolio.
  • We look for locations with the best growth potential.
  • Together with you, we define a realistic return and the best rental strategy.
  • We can also take care of the commercial, administrative, technical and financial management of your property.