Noa Real Estate

Sell your property without any worries

Whether you’re the owner of one property or of an entire property portfolio, NOA real estate will support you from A to Z. Count on us for professional advice throughout the sales cycle, from the valuation of a property through to the appointment with a notary.

We also have an extensive database of prospective buyers which we can immediately delve into to find the perfect match!

What else can you expect from us?
  • A realistic valuation of your property, based on the location, finishing, local sales prices and return.
  • Professional real estate services throughout the selling process: putting together sales dossier, presentation of your property with high-quality pictures, sales pitch, legal follow-up until the notarial deed, etc.
  • A tailor-made marketing plan, communicating to the market as a whole or a specific target group both online and in print.
  • An extensive database of prospective buyers who receive an immediate notification mail including all details of your property.
  • Personal feedback at each stage of our collaboration.

In other words, you can rest easy: your property is in the best possible hands!